We are often approached by people who stop in wanting us to purchase things because they are downsizing, or are tired of a collection, or have inherited possessions. We do buy collections and individual items, but we are very selective of the items we purchase. Do you have something you wish to sell? If so, rather than bringing the item or collection to Treasures Under Sugar Loaf (especially on weekends when we are very busy!), we encourage you to complete the short form on this page to let us know what you have.


Items we’re looking to purchase:

  • Winona memorabilia, especially Bub’s Beer items
  • Red Wing pottery and dinnerware
  • Vintage toolswillow-tree-angel-family-7214-treasures-under-sugar-loaf-winona-minnesota-antiques-collectibles-crafts
  • Wood and metal primitives
  • Willow Tree angels
  • Coins
  • Beer items (bottles, crates, signs, mirrors, glasses)
  • Vintage Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex
  • Zinc canning jar lids
  • Barbies with boxes
  • Breyer horses
  • Local artwork, especially by Jim Heinlen and Herb Hultgren


Items we’re not looking to purchase at this time:

  • China dishes
  • Dolls or related
  • Costume jewelry
  • Decorative plates
  • Large furniture
  • Postage stamps


We also have an active list of specific items customers are looking for, so be sure to contact us today and let us know what you have!


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