Handcrafted Treasures

Winona and neighboring areas abound with talent.  Innovative artisans choose Treasures Under Sugar Loaf as a popular place to showcase their talents.  Here is your chance to purchase a stunning masterpiece, support the community and find something truly one of a kind for your home!

Air Fresheners – Handmade in Winona, our aroma bead air fresheners are perfect for getting that weird smell out of your home or car. With a variety of scents available – such as Iced Lemon Biscotti, Apple Pie, S’Mores, Frasier Fir, and Spiced Latte – these are sure to make you smile when you inhale their aroma.

Lamps –  Light up your life or home with a uniquely made lamp. Fun for an office when working late, or cozy for a living room when cuddled up at night.

Fabric Crafts – Not everyone is able to work with fabric, yarn, or thread and have amazing results, but some of our vendors sure are. From embroidered or crocheted hand towels to handmade aprons and pillows to fabric bowl cozies for keeping your hands safe from a hot bowl, a variety of fabric crafts are available. We also have crocheted little bowls, tissue covers, animals, and gift bags.

stained-glass-display-914-treasures-under-sugar-loaf-winona-minnesota-antiques-collectibles-craftsStained Glass – Gorgeous, beautiful pieces of handcrafted stained glass are available here! Creativity abounds in these with so many different shapes and colors and sizes. Smaller, more affordable pieces include dogs, cats, turtles, elephants, leaves, flowers, and music notes while larger, splurge-worthy pieces feature owls, angels, butterflies, sunflowers, and fun geometric designs.

Native American Painted Pieces – Celebrate Native American heritage and history with one of our painted pottery pieces. With vases, bowls, and other dishes from which to choose, we have a variety of handpainted pieces available.

Jewelry – Not only do we feature costume and vintage jewelry, but we also have handmade jewelry as well. Wire rings, Swarovski earrings, crystal & stone necklaces, and paracord bracelets are only the first taste of our offerings.

Concrete Mushrooms – One of our most popular outdoor decorations, these concrete mushrooms come in a variety of colors and sizes. Showcase the talent of a local artisan while brightening up your yard!

Fake Succulents – While the plants themselves may not technically be a craft, the creative “pots” that our vendors use are definitely crafty. Some are in hand-decorated and designed little dishes while others are even in decorated baby tennis shoes!

Repurposed Furniture – Showcase someone’s hours of hard work stripping, sanding, painting, and displaying with one of our pieces of furniture. Whether you’re looking for a little table or stand for your bedroom or a larger hutch to display your valuables, we are sure to have a creative piece to meet your needs.

Coasters – Needing something to protect your furniture but sick of the generic, department-store decor? We have your back! With sports, animals, celebrities, military, music, and even Winona designs available, we’re your one-stop shop for coasters.

Wood Carvings – Wood figurines are plentiful throughout the store, and we also have a variety of hand-carved wooden tribal masks. Also available are locally carved and designed wooden wall decor, featuring different animal and nature scenes. Local wooden state carvings and magnets are additional crafted pieces.

Wall Signs, Paintings, Collages – Many creatively crafted wall items abound! Looking for something unique to put on that empty spot on your wall? Look no further! From decorative signs with fun sayings to locally painted animal pictures to collages with doilies or leaves, our selection is destined to impress.